Revision Mode issue

I am a longtime user of Scrivener, and fairly comfortable with it, but in my writing do not generally use revision mode. But after using in one (very large) project I now have colored text throughout and I’m trying to remove revision mode coloring from text. It seems to be a real pain, as I can’t see any way to remove all from the entire document at once.

Furthermore, after removing the coloring by using the Format/Revision Mode/Remove All Revisions menu item on one page, all worked well, BUT numbered lists on the page retain the revision color.

Of course, I can go in and manually fix it, but on a nearly 1000 page document it’s going to be a huge job to scan every page to make sure all of the red text has been changed.

Any suggestions on better understanding how to use, or rather, how to stop using revision mode and return to normal text for a clean publication?


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As for your latter question: There’s a compile setting to remove all color in the right hand side column in the Compile Overview window under the gear tab.

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It think you understand Revision Mode very well, but ran into a bug.

Ah. This was helpful! Thanks.

Thanks for the report, I’ll take a look at the issue with lists not stripping the colours as they should. But as noted, the intended design is to use that option in the compiler rather than forcing you to have to manually clean up all your revision markings by hand!