Revision Mode on Windows


Is Revision Mode available on Windows? I saw the feature on the website and I was like this is the software I’ve been looking for but it doesn’t seem to be there.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


On Scrivener for Windows it is called “Full Screen Mode”. On Mac the name of the feature was changed due to compatibility issues with OS-X.

Sorry, christianf, “Revision Mode” is something else. Entering Revision Mode automatically colours any changes you make to the colour of your choice—the default is red—but the menu entry gives you a list of colours, so you can change the colour on successive editing sessions.

And no, I don’t think it has made it onto the Windows version yet, though presumably will with v.3 when it is finally launched.


Ooops, sorry, false friend. I mixed it up with the German “Redaktionsmodus” :blush:
“Revision Mode” currently is available on Mac only :frowning:

Anybody know when the new release is planned, roughly?

The developers might, but they’re tight-lipped. Which is completely understandable after some previous releases when tentative dates were given and some people on the board lost their minds when those dates weren’t strictly adhered to. Since they’re apparently trying to get it as close to parity with the Mac version as possible before release (the reason why the next one will be 3.0 instead of 2.0), I’m guessing it won’t get here until around the time the new Mac one does, if not a little later. Not what you’re hoping to hear, I’m sure, but it’s about the best there is, right now.

Somewhere in the plethora of postings resulting from the news that it is hoped to release iOS Scrivener by the end of July, I seem to remember is a post by KB in which he expresses the hope that MacOS version 3 will be out later this year, but that Windows version 3 will be some time later—with 2017 at the earliest ringing a bell.

LAP and Tiho_D, as I understand it, have not only been concentrating on rewriting the code in the latest version of Qt, which will apparently allow a Scrivenings Mode as we Mac users know it, but have been working on implementing all the other features from the Mac version that have not yet made it to Windows, including the new features and interface changes in the forthcoming v. 3 for Mac. That is a huge undertaking.

So, while I’m sure everyone in the Scrivener community wishes the Windows upgrade to go quickly and smoothly, it does seem it’s not going to be “around the time of the new Mac one”.


Well, it’s nice to know they’re working on it :slight_smile: