Revision Mode: Remove All Revisions

Dear Friends: Hope all is well. I’m using Scriv 3 in Windows. I’m enjoying the Revision Mode. Is there a way in a folder with multiple documents to “universally” remove all revisions without having to enter each and every document? Many thanks. --Joe

Unfortunately not at this time, in the Windows version, as the way of doing so (loading the whole section you want to clear as Scrivenings and then running Format ▸ Revision Mode ▸ Remove All Revisions without a text selection) is blocked by the fact that Scrivenings is still not yet a single text editor. It just looks like one, but is really a stack of self-contained editors.

Many thanks Amber for your prompt reply. Much appreciated. Perhaps in a future upgrade/version. --Joe

It’s definitely something we would like to see sorted, for piles of reasons beyond this—such as being able to select all of the text in Scrivenings and changing the font, for example, having it available in Page View mode or having Ctrl+Home actually work the way you’d expect it to rather than just taking you to the top of the current section. It’s an extremely difficult problem to solve if the programming toolkit you use has no mechanisms for making that happen, though. It’s been on the “wish list” since the very first betas in 2010. :slight_smile:

Many thanks Amber for your response. I didn’t realize it’s been on the wish list for so long. In any case, much appreciate your and L&L’s good efforts. --Joe