Revision mode vs. highlighting text bug

I don’t know if it is intended to be this way, but in my opinion, the revision color, even though in revision mode, shouldn’t be applied to text being highlighted.
Seems purposeless to me (and I have to admit, a bit annoying).

What I mean is that if highlighted text is to be edited, the revision color should then be applied, but highlighting text shouldn’t in itself trigger it.

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2022-02-01 11_13_18-Window

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Perhaps I should detail a little more as of how and why this behavior is annoying and counter productive in my opinion :

Let’s say I have a text I want to revise.
Logically, the first thing I am gonna do before diving all in with the editing, will be to read it at least once.
Doing so, even though I am not hands on editing, I will highlight the passages that seem oddly formulated to me.
But doing so, since highlighting the text segment triggers the revision color, I can no longer have a reliable visual cue as of what has been edited and what I haven’t work on yet in the future.

Basically, what I am saying is that where the highlighting and the revision color could be a highly functional tool combo for editing (you know what you want to work on and where, you know what has been done already), that behavior rather renders the whole dysfunctional and confusing.
Not to mention that since marking a sentence for editing (highlighting the whole sentence or a good segment containing the words targeted for later editing) renders it all to the revision color, it makes it impossible to know what was actually altered within the target/marked segment afterwards.
The revision color being very useful as a reference of what precisely has been edited (giving a good cue as to the fact that a previous snapshot contains a different version of the same text segment – in case you end up not quite satisfied with the editing you made and wish to revert/compare), where this should be a no brainer, the described behavior (uselessly loading the document with the revision color) makes it highly unprecise and eye confusing.

I sincerely fail to see any upside to such a behavior.
I am also curious as to whether the Mac version acts the same or not.

P.S. If yes, I could turn off the revision mode during that very first read, I still end up with the issue later on since revising/editing a text ain’t really a linear single pass operation. (I don’t really see myself constantly turning the revision mode on and off, depending on my intention being to highlight or edit…)

Thanks for bringing this up! Formatting changes like highlighting shouldn’t be triggering the revision colour, so that is a bug and I’ve made sure it’s filed for fixing. In the meantime, toggling revision mode on and off can be made much easier by applying a keyboard shortcut in File > Options... under the Corrections tab. Filter the list for “revision” and then select whichever revision number you’re using and assign it a shortcut. That will act as a toggle when you’re in the editor, so if you do want to temporarily disable revision mode before highlighting, it will at least be quick to do so and to then turn it back on.

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For the time being the most satisfying solution I could come up with is to forget about revision mode and resort on using strikethrough instead. Not great, but failproof.

And thanks for filing up, MM :slight_smile:

Ok. I see what you mean, I don’t have to use two shortcuts to go back and forth between a revision color and “none”…
Interesting. I’ll experiment on that and see how comfortable I am with it. I suppose I could develop the reflex.
Thanks again.

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