Revisiting Tutorial

My first time through the tutorial was interrupted several times by leaping up and dancing a jig, spinning in my chair, etc., as I saw what Scrivener could do.

I’m much calmer now, and I’d like to go back and review some subjects, only I can’t seem to get into the tutorial again.

My Help Menu screen is inert: there are no links behind the highlighted text like “Tutorial,” nor does “Tutorial” appear in the side-bar of the main help screens like “Getting Started.” I tried a search on “tutorial” in Help, to no real avail.

So, how do I get another look at Tutorial topics, please?


Double post, sorry.


My copy of Scrivener has ‘tutorial’ as second link from the top in Scrivener’s Help menu. When I click it, the tutorial project opens in a new Scrivener window.

Is Scrivener the active window? I’m assuming yes, or you wouldn’t be able to use Scrivener’s search function. Odd.

What version of Scrivener are you using?

Thank you for replying.

I’m using the latest version – 1.11. And yes, Scrivener is the active window.

What you point out as the tutorial “link” – second from the top on the main Help menu – is inert (by that I mean, it doesn’t link to anything). Same with all the other “links” on the Help Menu.

I just now went into Scrivener to triple-check that I wasn’t mistaken, and I may have answered my own question. When I click on Help in the Scrivener task bar, when there are no other files open, I see “Tutorial” in the drop-down help-search menu. I click on that, and I get back into the tutorial. So perhaps it’s because I had projects open when I tried to switch over to the tutorial.

Thank you for taking the time to reply.


Glad you got back to it :smiley:

I’m still a little confused, though - the Tutorial, as far as I can tell, is itself just a Scrivener project with a bunch of useful content stored in its binder. And I know that you can have multiple projects open in Scrivener at the same time, so there should have been no reason why one open project would stop you from opening the Tutorial project.

Still, if things are working for you now then I suppose the point is moot. Enjoy Scrivener! I sure do 8)

Well, good grief, I never even noticed. Thanks for pointing it out. I should have Mr Magoo as my avatar, but I’m sure that this stumbling about, leaving disaster in my wake, is just a phase.

I love Scrivener, too, and I don’t even know what I’m doing yet. I’ve been setting up my novel with relevant documents – e-mails in PDF, articles from the Internet, critique notes, and pictures for possible dust-jacket art. “Research” is bulging, “Chapters” folder is a bit thin…

Best Regards,