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Morning, young scrivener, yosemite
I’m avoiding any further contamination of DocLands thread, cos I think we’ve overdosed on off-topic. It’s a shame, really, cos I think he/she has sought, and received some tentatively helpful responses, but it has been swamped by inane, asinine (nearly all mine) tripe. Actually, I’m quite intrigued by DocLand’s quest. Anyway, I pmed DL yesterday, and urged a return to the thread. I hope DL does, cos I’d like to follow the interaction twixt DL, and the more learned contribers.

As to your searing, laser-like probe, concerning my possible liking for JJ, I was gonna say, “Not a fan, no.” But I greatly enjoyed reading Ulysses, up to the beginning of Stevie Dedalus’ saunter along Sandymount Strand and my encounter with, ‘INELUCTABLE MODALITY OF THE VISIBLE: …’, and the ensuing internal monologue, stream of consciousness stuff! SofC rang alarm bells in my empty cranial cavity, consequence of a blinding headache after about thirty minutes, or so, reading of Virginia Woolf’s first person-present tense/ internal monologueishy narrative in The Waves. on another occasion. Not kidding! :frowning:

Don’t get me wrong, I like VW’s work.

I’ve dipped in-n-out of Ulysses intermittently … not sure if it’s a psyching-up process I’m subconsciously engaging in, prior to a full assault on the tome when it’s not expecting it! I’ve frequently engaged with his other work on a dip-in-n-out basis, barring Finnegan’s Wake! That … I avoid as though it were a bucket full of bubonic plague.

I’m also a dipper-in-n-outer of If you like Joyce, you may may find Frank Delaney’s blog interesting. I suspect FD can be a bit of an acquired taste, for some folk. FD’s RE: JOYCE is something of an undertaking (for Frank, I mean :smiley: ).
I do in fact own a copy of FD’s: Image 10-08-2016 at 13.02.jpg Actually, it’s a fascinating tour of Dublin and Ulysses. I suppose I must be a fan … mustn’t I?!

Slán go fóill

Vic, before I begin, it’s yosimiti, not YosEmitE, as I like to keep things real.

Anyways, about Joyce, I have to admit, I only became interested in him after taking a formal uni english lit course on him, and when I say ‘interest’ I mean to look at him as an interesting object of study, and not as someone I generally read for pleasure. Still, as I get older, the books I like to study are quickly becoming books I like to read for pleasure; I have a feeling it has something to do with the fact that happiness sophisticates with age…

There’s actually a few books out there, written primarily by professors who’ve annotated every single oblique reference Joyce has made in Ulysses, and I find them really good to read alongside the source material. The best one I’ve found, the one at least that made me, feel more intelligent as I read it was by Don Gifford. He essentially wrote an encyclopedia on Ulysses and it makes reading the book actually enjoyable, and fundamentally righteous.

My favourite section of the book, I have to admit, is the musical section. So damn funny.

As for Finnigan’s Wake, I consider it pretty much illegible, as use the book more as a hotschocolate-holder; nevertheless, before I die, I plan on reading the book at least once, cover to cover, just for something memorable to say on my tombstone. Here lies Yosimiti–reader of FW–defender of the universe- or something like the that…

I’m just beginning to get into VW, but I have to say, if you are serious about VW, read her satire in addition to her serious work (if you haven’t already done so). Orlando and Flush are drop-dead hilarious and frankly I think they should be studied more than her serious work, at least by academics. But that’s my own opinion. I’m sure VW fans will probably want to throw something at me for saying such blaphemy but hey, to each his own, eh?

I will check out FD in due course, sire…

Íosa Críost. You have hidden depths.

And safe is wot all who enter this hallowed portal are.
But be it known! The topic of this thread, is: OFF, and as in all off-topics
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Brown-nosing Scriv’s developer, young Kevin … apart from that, the world’s y’ lobster!

Yeah, I know, yosi baby. Spellchecker has been well admonished, castigated and vilified, as well as being threatened with 주의 Y '빌어 먹을 gobshite 수!!

Or else y’re gettin’ too old for t’other kind :confused:

As, apparently, was his intention.

and therein, young yosi, lies a universal truth, that neither James or Virginia can disavow :smiley:

Do, you might enjoy it.
Slán go fóill

Slán go fóill

Looked up Delaney. Interesting character, although, being of non-irish descent, I’m less interested in the nationalism that many ascribe to Joyce’ writings, and more on what he means to literature in general…

some sad news … Frank Delaney passed away on 21st Feb. … -dies.html

Weird thing is, I was discussing Joyce’s Ulysses, this morning with Ange, my wife, and I said I’d find the links to Frank’s podcast and his BBC series THE CELTS. First thing I unearthed was Frank’s obituary. Bit eerie as well as sad. :frowning:

Bon Voyage Frank.