Rich-text formatting not translating as expected to Markdown on export?

[I also posted this at the end of a long thread and didn’t get any clarification. But after reading up more I think I understand this issue better.]

I know I can type Markdown and have it export as Markdown obviously.

Am I missing something or should I be able to use the built-in rich-text styles and have them convert to Markdown on export? (Maybe this is completely tied to the future implementation of ‘named styles’?)

For example, this text was created using the built-in rich-text styles as suggested in the text:

Produces this incorrect markdown formatting:

[code]Heading 1

this is an unordered list:

• first item

• second item

last item

Heading 2

How about a link to some cool site.

If this (and my previous wish list item around more Keyboard shortcuts) came to fruition, I could almost forget about typing markdown in Scrivener.

Keith, thanks so much for such an amazing effort giving birth to the iOS version!