Right-aligned right tabs

I am clearly going insane.

I am trying to set up a compile with some front matter that has my name left-aligned at the far left margin and then, on the same line, the number of words right-aligned at the far right margin. I can do this in Word no problem, and I can set up the far right tab (as a right align) in Scrivener without any problems, but when I tab to it to enter text, the text immediately falls to the next line.

What am I doing wrong?

I am not sure I fully understand, but as far as I know, a paragraph can’t have two different alignments.
It is either aligned left, right, centered or justified.
No combination.

If this is something that you want as a page header, it has to be done in the page settings tab of your compile format :

That’s because you are already at the edge, and don’t have the possibility to right align that segment.
The cursor won’t step backwards as you enter text… (or stick to its position, scrolling the text backwards as you type, to describe it better) and so it moves to the next line. (If it happens before the end of your first word, that word will be bumped too.)
Just do one or two less tabs - don’t get so close to the margin.
Then tweak it up afterwards using spaces I guess.

Or use a table, perhaps.

Then set your table’s border to white, so it doesn’t show.

I suppose then that this behavior is different than in Word, where a right-aligned tab sends text to the left? What is the purpose of a right-aligned tab if this is the case?

I kind of figured it out, but not well enough to properly explain it.
I don’t think it works the way you expected.
Refer to 15.7.1 in the manual.

Well, I got the tab to work correctly in Scrivener, but now when I export to Word or PDF, the tabs don’t follow, and both chunks of text on that first line are left-aligned. Ay, caramba!

Have you set your compile format to “Override Texts and Notes” in the relevant section type? If so, you’ll need to set your right tab on the ruler there.


Edit: I’d actually set up a style to handle this.

If you set your front matter to compile as is should be able to arrange that way. Still a little funky with output.
But if use placeholders and set up then compile as is should in theory be able to do