Right click != Ctrl-click?

I may have my Apple UI guidelines mixed up, but I always thought that Ctrl-click was meant to be synonymous with a right click, if you have a two buttoned mouse?

If that is the case, then you have a bug: right-clicking on the icon at the top of the main text area does not bring up the same menu (with Reveal-in-binder, lock-in-place, etc.) that Ctrl-clicking does.

There may be other situations with the same problem, but this is the first I have noticed.


I never noticed that because I’ve always just left-clicked that icon. :slight_smile:

Well that would always work too.

For some reason I just assumed it would be a right-clicking action (because first I forgot where to do it, and was trying to click on the title etc).

Then when right-click didn’t work on the icon, I tried with Ctrl-click and it did, and well… :blush:

Another one of your favourite bugs, Keith!


Absolutely! :slight_smile: