Right Click in Corkboard [FIXED]

Here are the steps:

  1. Go into the Corkboard where you’ve got a card with some text.

  2. Double click on the text. It selects all. Which is great.

  3. Right click inside the selected text and the selection goes away.
    — This should bring up a standard list of options and you should be able to cut/copy the text.

  4. Double click on the text again so that it’s selected.

  5. Hit ctrl-c

  6. Select another card.

  7. Select the text area within this new card.

At this point, you SHOULD be able to right click and paste the text into the text area.

You can hit ctrl-v and it will paste the text into the card properly.

So, the functionality is there and works except for bringing up the menu.

When I do this it’s as if a menu flashes up for the tiniest fraction of a second and then it disappears. It also loses the selection at the same moment.

Or I’m wrong, and this is a stylistic difference between Window based control schemes, and Mac based control schemes.

Yes the right click context menu flashes momentarily and doesn’t show.

That sounds like a bug… it’s certainly no Mac control scheme that I’ve ever seen. :slight_smile: All Mac menus are bi-modal in that they can operate in click-drag-release or click-move-click mode, but none of them force you to click-drag-release (and such a menu would indeed seem to flicker if you just gave it one solid click). Only place I’ve ever seen forced click-release menus is Linux.

Thanks. This is definitely a bug. Consider it logged. - Lee

This has been fixed in beta 1.2 build on the 29th Oct. See http://literatureandlatte.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=9100

Works great! Thanks!