Right-click on binder item not changing editor content

I would like to ask if the following is possible. I often want to open document (other than I work on) in other editor or in quick reference. Lets say I have “Document1” (which I am currently working on) open in my editor and I want to open “Document2” in background. However, when I right-click (=ctrl-click) on Document2 in binder (and want to choose open->other editor or open->in quick reference or to press space to view in quick reference), document2 is LOADED immediately in first editor. I understand this behavior with left-click. However with right-click, I might want to do something else with my document (move, change icon…) than to view it.

Do I understand correctly that it is intended behavior or do I do something wrong? I understand that I can use workaround: set lock-in-place Document1 before clicking in binder, or split documents first and then right-click in binder…but it is very cumbersome for me, because I need to do this often…

Thank you.

It’s not so much the intended behaviour as technically unavoidable behaviour. There are a few ways you can work around the issue for opening in a QR window, though:

  • Lock the editor before right-clicking in the binder, via View > Editor > Lock in Place (Opt-Cmd-L). The click will still select the document, but the binder click won’t affect your editor. You can toggle off the lock with the same keystrokes.

  • Instead of clicking, drag and drop the document from the binder onto the QuickReference icon in the toolbar. Your original binder selection won’t be changed.

  • Familiarise yourself with the Cmd-[ and Cmd-] shortcuts to move backward and forward in the editor history, just like a browser. If you accidentally switch documents in the editor when trying to work in the binder, Cmd-[ will restore your previous view.

Thanks MM, especially for dragging tip. I will use it! (I already use lock-in-place and back-ff shortcuts). I also found out that I could drag document not only onto quick reference icon, but also onto editor header.

And, I also found out that I can set which editor will be affected by binder (it means, I do not have to lock-in-place and unlock repeatedly). Thanks for your help again.