Right-clicking in the binder

When you right-click on a doc in the binder, the focused editor locates to that doc.

I don’t think it should. It adds inconvenience and annoyance to a context menu containing some of Scriv’s most consequential functions. Simply operationally, it’s counter intuitive: there’s little reason for a user to expect that right-clicking an object would change the status of that object, especially when that object is a node in a folder structure. Explorer, which is the other folder structure most users deal with countless times a day (including within Scriv via dialogs) doesn’t work like that. I would imagine the Mac side works the same as Explorer on that count, no?

It’s a nit. I know. But from little nits, mighty nitwits grow. :mrgreen:

This is a just matter of how the right-click event is registered in the framework. It’s actually the same for the Mac version (different framework but same problem). If this changes in the future we’ll certainly be happy, but for now I’d just recommend locking the editor (Ctrl+Shift+L) when you’re working in the binder to prevent inadvertently switching.