Right to Left (Hebrew, Arabic etc) is buggy - Beta

Version: Beta (1234317) 64-bit - 19 Mar 2021

After changing the Writing Direction to “Right to Left”
The Text Alignment is the other way around:
Align left - makes the text align right
Align right - makes the text align left

Also, when opening a Right to Left project between Windows and Mac - it gets all wrong
I’d be happy to provide examples if you are willing to fix this


I have the same question. I think the problem starts with the setup component which automatically selects the language on you operating system that matches you regional settings without giving you an option to change it. This would have been acceptable if the software also matched the smooth shift between right to left and left to right views of windows and its applications. As a quick fix I changed my region on Windows to (united States) which caused one of my important dictionaries not to recognize Arabic.

I hope we get a reply soon from a support person.

To update my attempts of a personal solution:

I found a an option to select interface language where I didn’t Arabic or Hebrew. This was much better than changing system locale to English and lose a dictionary.

I tested the right to left button and still it worked opposite ways until I used the adjust button and it put Arabic or the right side and English on the left side.

This will be more comfortable during composition but I guess I will have to be modified in the end product if you don’t wish to have your text adjusted.