RIP Jenny

Superb writer, and sometime contributor to this forum, Jenny Diski died this morning. The LRB has collected, and made freely available, an archive of all of her writings for them:

Really sad.

I am so sorry to hear this. Some people are able to write - I mean really write - and she was one of them. (Dip into the very large archive Dr D cites above, and you’ll see what I mean, and note also that alongside the wonderful writing chops she possessed many of the instincts of a weekly journalist.)

The imminence of her death had been signalled, not least by Lynn Barber in the Sunday Times ten days ago. Nonetheless, the news is shocking; though contrary to all experience, my hope then was that she would somehow go on, and write more.

I came here to post the same thing. I was very sad to read of her passing on the Guardian: … er-than-me

Jenny was a long-time Scrivener user and frequenter of these forums, and she was a valued member of the community as well as a great and respected writer. Thanks for the link to her writings, Dr Dog.

Very sad indeed.

I’m glad the Doc’s opened this thread, cos I wanted to this morning, but I couldn’t. I’ve had occasion, more than once, to thank Jenny for the loads of laughs I’ve enjoyed over the years because of her writing, especially in her LRB column … even, post diagnosis of her terminal cancer.

I first encountered Jenny over twenty years ago, when I came across on a bookcase upstairs, and was intrigued by the cover. What followed, was by any normal standards of behaviour, very odd! (even for me). I read the first few lines, and took it with me downstairs, and from then on, I carried it with me everywhere I went (no exaggeration), until I’d read it. I carried it around with me for days. That was something I had never done before, and have never done since. When I told her about the episode, she was very kind and didn’t call me a $&@! weirdo.

My wish for the Poet, Jenny’s husband, buddy and soulmate, is that Time works her magic for him and his family, and memories of Jenny bring smiles to their lips, not tears to their eyes.

If the Poet, along with the LRB, ever publish her LRB archive. it’ll be an instant bestseller.

I’m gonna miss her.

Bon voyage, sweetheart x x x
A big fan

Very sad. I have enjoyed reading Jenny’s work over the years.

Sad news indeed, she was a kind and patient presence on the forum here, someone who’d come around now and then, who I would always expect to someday come back after a spell of writing. She’ll be missed.

No way. Think I’ve seen her around the forums. :frowning:

Yup … you will have. She was a girl with a great sense of humour, and an irreverent take on most of the bullshit that life throws our way.

Sad news. So many talents have left us this year…

I just joined the board about five minutes ago. I’m getting set to learn Scrivener and I figured it would be good to be plugged in here. For some reason, this thread leapt out at me and vic-k, I want you to know that I was so affected by your post that I immediately went to my local library website to see if they had this, or any, of Jenny Diski’s books. They didn’t, however Amazon did. Rainforest is on it’s way to my house.

Thank you and everyone else who posted in this thread for expressing such love and appreciation for this author. I’m looking forward to reading her work.

welcome aboard Scriv. I trust your time spent on board will prove to be productive and profitable. Just be careful who you talk to. :open_mouth:
Jenny’s passing was very sad. She was irreverent but never irrelevant. I’d recommend checking out her column for London Review of Books.
I just noticed, Jenny Diski’s In Gratitude, based on her diaries for the LRB, is out now. I’ll be ordering it when I finish this post.

A I’ve mentioned elsewhere on board Scriv, I truly enjoyed her sense of humour. It is more than evident in her LRB column.
Hope you enjoy Rainforest
Take care,