romance novel critique groups?

I’m looking for an online romance novel critiqe group or website. I remembered that the Online Writing Workshop had one, but it seems to be gone now, and I can’t seem to find another one. so i’ve been asking around the internet. I have a novel opening I’d like to get read.

I’ve had my eye on this for a while:

Not sure if they group people by genre or not, as I haven’t tried out their system yet.

well I’ll take a look around and see. it uses karma points by giving critiques, so I think it’s influenced by the Online writing workshop. now to see if they do romance…they have a free membership so i’m just going to sign up and have a look around.

well, what you do is you post your piece and then tag it. as I expected, there’s a lot of science fiction and fantasy. not a lot for romance.

it seems to work pretty much like the oww used to. i’m going to do some reviews.

Are you a member of RWA? They have online chapters as well as local ones, and they can be a good place to meet potential critique partners. My critique group is spread over a couple states, so we use Dropbox to share files and hold most of our discussions online, only meeting in person on those rare occasions when everyone can clear a weekend together.