Rookie move: Lost upgrade coupon

Hi there.
I got excited and upgraded my version of Scrivener without saving the coupon code. Now, when I’m trying to install it on my new desktop, the old licence key that I had won’t work - and I can’t find the coupon anywhere. I’ve tried the licence retrieval option, but it just tells me that I’ve made no purchases. Would love some help, please, to fix this - Thanks.

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If you previously used the coupon, it won’t work again.

The most common reason for failed license retrievals is that you used a different email address for the purchase.

If that doesn’t help, contact us at the link @AntoniDol posted.

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Thanks for that - I used the same address, but there’s no record of any purchase beyond the V1 Licence in 2020, which, of course, won’t work now. I’ve made contact using the link, hopefully that will get things sorted.