Rotate images on Scapple


I am having a hard time trying to rotate an image within Scapple. How can we do that ?

I tried rotating the image in the source folder but the way its imported in Scapple remains the same.

Thanks for your help.

Have you tried rotating it before importing it. (I don’t really use Scapple, but if it is like Scrivener, the result is a clone, not a reference to the source.)
You can rotate an image right off file explorer, right click on the file, it’s in the dropdown menu.)

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Checked manual no option for rotating. Vincent is right, can rotate in windows image viewer or other image editing program then import. Only option is movement and resizing without changing aspect ratio.

Thank you both for your help.

Unfortunately rotating the image as you said in windows viewer, before dragging and dropping, doesn’t change the orientation of the image in Scapple. It remains in the wrong orientation.

Also, now for some pictures I have a link instead of the image.

Have you tried in any image software you have to see if that works. Painting windows might work do not use.

One other trick use screen capture of picture and rotate capture image and save.

Try renaming it ? Name-2

Unless Scapple reuses the file it already has, that is technically impossible, as rotating the image in windows file explorer permanently affects the file. It is upright afterwards in this new rotated position.
The file has been rotated, it is not rotated.

I just tried with Scapple, windows 11. I rotated in the windows photo app AND renamed and when placed in Scapple remained rotated.

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