Rounded corners on the editor have vanished?

Mmmm. Not sure what happened, but I seem to have lost that rather nice rounded corner effect on the editor page. What’s worse, I can’t remember the option I used to set it?



You must have been using the public beta. That was in for a few builds, but is part of the overall UI retrofit that was being experimented with in beta, and so was removed from the official 2.5 release.


I was starting to think I’d imagined it :slight_smile:

Any chance they’ll make a comeback?

I can’t say at this point, we’re a ways away from when the features in that build will be launched, so things are subject to change. Nice to know you liked it enough to ask about it though!

Yeah, loved it! No idea why though.

Here’s one vote to put it back in.


I know why this feature is so awesome: it’s an easy-to-spot visual clue that tells you you’ve reached the top/bottom of the page. Without it I tend to give a few pulls on the trackpad to check the position.

It’s odd how such a little thing makes such a difference.

Right, I didn’t want to do this but you 'be left me no choice; it’s time for bribery. There 's a free copy of my next book in it for you if you convince Keith to put it back in for the next version.

And now I feel cheap. Are ya happy now?? :smiley:

Ha. Well how about if we have another visual mechanism that accomplishes the same effect you are describing (and I agree it’s a good point). In all likelihood something like this will return, but not quite the same way. I can’t say more on it now because it’s just descriptions in text files at the moment. :slight_smile:

Look forward to seeing it :slight_smile: