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This is definitely not the right place for this thread, but I can’t seem to find an appropriate one. My RSS Feed for the whole forum stopped working a couple of days ago. I now got to the forum and noticed a whole new look. It’s nice. But I can’t find anywhere how to re-subscribe to the RSS Feed. Anyone knows?

See this Literature and Latte announcement :

Sorry to be dense:
Are News, New Topics, and Active Topics the only published available feeds?

Where is “the browser’s feed list for the page you are viewing” in Firefox? Safari? How would i use Vienna instead of a browser?

With Firefox, when you click on a feed link, it by default goes to a preview of the feed and asks what you want to do with it. You can bypass that stage with a checkbox, so that it always opens a feed link in Vienna.

As for seeing which feeds a site has made available, there is a button on the toolbar for that, I’m not sure if it is in the default set though. You know a site has feeds when the button turns black. The following are what I get when viewing this thread:

I don’t know anything about Safari, sorry.

In Safari, the RSS Feeds buttons have disappeared with this new look. That’s why I started this thread to begin with. I couldn’t find a way to re-subscrive until someone posted the announcement I missed. BTW, thanks for that!

I guess at some point I customized the RSS icon off of my toolbar. Thanks, AmberV.

Shared Links can be used in Safari : … cale=en_US