I’ve been using Scrivener for about three years. I write a weekly column, and I use the same Scrivener document for all of my columns; it’s a handy way to have access and be sure I’m not repeating myself. Too much. In this usage, the compile feature isn’t important. Normally I just copy the text and paste it into an email for submittal to my editor.

Last week, we had several days’ rain here in SW Florida, so I went over to the LnL site and watched the videos. It looked like I was using a different program: so many features that I never discovered on my own, so many of them that are truly incredibly useful.

There, now I feel better.

About the only thing I wish were different: font size between the main window and the –oh, heck, whatever the little inspector-type window is at the lower right. I want them to both obey the same zoom factor. I frequently put text there in order to meet my 1000 word limit, but since I normally zoom Scrivener to 300%, I often just can’t read the other text.

But to finally start using the index cards, etc., is amazing. I’ve also been working on a book about tropical plant material. Being able to store pictures, etc. within the app is limiting the confusion that writing a book normally engenders, particularly non-fiction with lots of research.

So, anyone reading this: watch the darn videos. They are incredibly useful.

Where in SW Florida are you? I’ve lived in Naples the last 13 years.