Running 2 and 3 side by side... oops!

Ok, ok I should have read the Upgrade Guide but didn’t.

Tried to get Services to work but it kept loading V2 - (obviously - I realise why now now)
Anyway in a frenzy of activity I uninstalled V2, but now can’t open some old files they won’t convert. I know I have access to them as .text files in the package…
I would like to run the two together versions together and wonder what my best option is?

Initially I thought uninstall everything Scrivener and then re-install from scratch as per Guide.

As an added complication I am running App Trap. I assume that I move all associated files to the trash each time I delete each Version otherwise the .plst files will remain.

Any advice and implications of removing then reinstalling please, and I promise not to let my enthusiasm run away with me in Scrivener 4!

I can’t help solve your problem, but dropped in to say:

I do hope that Scriv’s installation guide is not telling people upfront to root around and throw out their existing prefs and other support files etc (as the above seems to suggest). :open_mouth:

I keep reading woeful posts from folks who peremptorily “uninstalled” Scriv 2 – whereby they do not just mean “threw out the Scriv2 app” – as if that was a thing.


P.S. Services is a bit tricky in this regard, but in general Scriv 2 and 3 can run happily side by side.

Scrivener Guide doesn’t say this. It gives precise and accurate information which if I had followed would have solved my problem. I am a long time user of Scrivener and use it everyday, it is a brilliant app.

I am definitely not saying that the Guide suggests ‘rooting around and throwing out’ anything.

My question is does anyone have any advice about the implications of removing all scrivener apps then reinstalling them in accordance with the Guide?

I renamed Scrivener 2 to and kept Scrivener 3 as and all seems to work, though I don’t really use many services (which are causing the problem).

In Sys Prefs > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services you can not only assign shortcuts for service items, you can specify which ones you want to show on the Services menu in the first place. I think. So, if Srivs 2 & 3 are offering duplicate services, you could turn one set off (though you would need to be mindful to only call on the remaining ones in relation to the right version. Alternatively, assign diff kbd shortcuts to each and have the best of both Scriv worlds! As a final alternative, while you are transitioning between versions, you could just not use Scriv services.


P.s. But as far as I am concerned, OS X’s services menu has been flaky for a long time, so I don’t use it at all.

P.P.S. This App Trap sounds like a terrible thing, if it is really automatically throwing out all your support files (including prefs) when you trash an app. Yikes.