Running Scapple on an iPad

I had been planning to use a Windows tablet with a BlueTooth KB to run Scapple along with some other touch screen apps. The best options appears to be one of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablets or Surface Go laptops. Then after talking to a friend who is dedicated Apple user, he suggested the small IdeaPad.

Does Scapple run on an IdeaPad. Are there any special considerations like stylus or keyboard?

The IdeaPad is a Windows device, so I’m moving this to the Scapple for Windows forum.

Please do not move. I meant iPad but autofill turned it into Idea.

Ah, sorry.

Unfortunately, there is not an iPad version of Scapple at this time.

FWIW, the iPad + Apple Pencil combination does support a number of freeform Scapple-like tools, including GoodNotes and Apple’s own FreeForm app.

Thanks. That is exactly the info I was seeking.