S2 : Status indicators & visual tweak to Corkboard

Definitely Version 2 stuff:

  1. Make the Corkboard pins slightly transparent on the bottom half, so you can see a bit of the text underneath it.

  2. Display the status of the document as a “stamp” across the face of the card. See sexy screen shot by clicking on the thumbnail below!

    Notice that the size of the text resizes according to the length of the label. There could perhaps be “truncation…” of super long status indicators, if necessary. Customisation of colour and opacity, of course.
    I threw in the semitransparent pin bottoms for fun.

Definitely version 2 stuff. :slight_smile: Not sure about the transulcent pins, though; personally, I prefer the corkboard pins over on the right these days, that way they don’t get in the way of the text.

Yeah, I keep mine on the right too. I just moved them to the centre for Dramatic Effect.

Heh heh - you know I can’t resist a challenge, don’t you?

A big thanks to a programmer on the cocoa-dev lists called Wagner Truppel, who did the trig for me and helped me write the code for the diagonal drawing of the text.

Also note that the header is pink because it is “Locked in Place”, and the split button over on the right, which - guess what? - can be changed to vertical by option clicking (ahem).

Holy cr#p! Keith, you shock and amaze. And AmberV too for having these great ideas. But you did it already! Wow. That is too cool. Like the split view button very much.


Wow! That was rather speedy, and unexpected. I guess I can remove this from my “remind in half a year,” list. As the kids say, “tight!”

The revised header is looking good too. Option-clicking, even. :slight_smile:

I’ve one comment on the pins. I realised that you saved a few hours by just making the whole thing transparent, but I do fear that makes it difficult to see what the colour is anymore. Given a choice between the two, I think solid is more attractive, as well as being more functional.

Later: If you want, I can play around with a modification of the pin graphic that includes a simulated density alpha layer.

You can choose the opacity in the Preferences. Solid is the default. The screenshot shows an opacity of about 0.6.

Any improvements welcome. :slight_smile: