[S3]How do I compile part names rather than chapter names into page headers?

First of all, I despaired of ever being able to do this with Scrivener 2. The new compile is so way cool, though, that I thought I might have a shot…

I have a pretty standard novel structure of chapter folders inside part folders. I’d like the part folder title to show up in page headers in my for-print pdf rather than the chapter titles that are what <$sectiontitle> will do for me. Brookter came up with a technique I might adapt in this post:


but it seems brute force, to say the least, to put a fake chapter folder named exactly the same as the part title in front of every single chapter in a 30-40 chapter book.

Can anyone suggest a more elegant solution (that doesn’t involve running all the chapters together without page breaks? :smiley: Already thought of that one…)

Does <$parenttitle> or <$levelN_title> do what you want?

They would—If they were usable in the header fields. Sadly, they’re part of the document information which isn’t available in page headers. :frowning:

Oh I didn’t know that. Well it looks like it requires a solution like brookter’s or a Wish List item to see if Keith could somehow extend the support of placeholders in header/footers. There is obvious complexity as document boundaries often don’t respect page boudaries, but perhaps there could be a rule of thumb like a 50% content rule or presence of a section break etc to identify a page as belonging to document A vs B (though I’d bet this is really gnarly to program which is why Keith didn’t implement it)?

<$sectiontitle> just gets the document name of the most recently compiled page break. I’d be willing to bet that at the point in the compile where headers/footers are assembled, no hierarchy information is retained, and the title of the most recent container to throw a page break is all the document information available. Keith likely sweated bullets to even keep that much. At least, as a programmer, that’s why I would have such a limitation. :smiley:

OTOH, it can’t hurt to ask politely over in Wish List as you suggest. Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. :slight_smile: