S3 won't open files from Dropbox

I’m running High Sierra on a 2015 MacBook Pro and this morning, before going out to work (Keen eh!) I downloaded the paid S3 upgrade. It initially struggled to convert S2 work but after a bit of persistence, it has converted some but not all files.
Now I find that the recent files are showing in the ‘Recent Projects’ list in the file list but they refuse to open. I try and try, even selecting open and trying via Dropbox but then suddenly a file will open but not always the one I wanted. I’ve turned my laptop off and back on and also I’ve deleted Scrivener and re-installed, so I’m getting a bit frustrated now.

Any suggestions??

Do the files open successfully from Finder?


Thanks for the reply

Yes, they do open from Finder - straight away

I realize this isn’t a solution, but possibly it gives some hope: my 2015 15" MBP running 10.13.1 (High Sierra) and the newly installed Scrivener 3 work flawlessly with DropBox. Loading a Scriv. 2 file takes it a while the first time. It does the conversions and ruminates a bit, then it’s ready to go. I save the newly imported file under a new revision number and from there it works like Scriv 2 did, at least as far as it’s interactions with DropBox.

The converted files show up in the recent file list and open as usual.


I have the same problem. This occurs if I have scrivener open. So no projects can be opened from recent menu if they are in my dropbox folder. Also if I try to open the project from finder, it does not open IF I have the app open. Only if I close the app, then double click the project in finder the project opens.

I would suggest clearing the Recent Projects menu and letting Scrivener rebuild it from scratch. I suspect the issue is that, with the conversion, some of the shortcuts in Recent Projects are corrupted.

To do this, use the Apple -> System Preferences -> General tab to set the number of Recent Items to zero, Restart Scrivener, confirm that the list is gone, then set the number back to whatever you want.


Did that, but the project still doesn’t open from the menu. Only after I go to finder it opens

Are they really not opening, or just not opening a window?

That is, if you go to the list under the Windows menu item, is the project there? And does it pop up successfully if you click on it?


I’ve done your suggestion and they still do not load from the ‘recent project menu’ or from the bottom of the ‘getting started menu’, although they are clearly shown on both. They only show in the Window menu when they eventually load.

Now I’m even having problems getting projects to load from Finder and it seems I have to just keep trying different things to get a project to load at all. Eventually, it loads but it’s eating at my confidence in the software.

All my projects were compiled into Word before I updated but if I lose a project it will mean a lot of extra work and I’m not very comfortable with S3 at this moment in time.

We’ve had a number of reports of this issue, but haven’t been able to reproduce it ourselves. So please try to be very precise in your description of what is happening.

In particular, if the project appears in the Window menu and pops up correctly when you click on it there, then it has “opened” just fine, and the issue is with Scrivener’s creation of the window. This is a very different problem from inability to open the project at all.


Okay Katherine, I’ll try to be as precise as I can, although as I mentioned earlier this does not always work exactly the same way.
I click on the Scrivener app in the dock and get the menu bar across the top but no last open window. As I write this on my iPad and go though the process on my MacBook I find that the Mac has gone to sleep and when I have woken it the window is now open. First time I’ve encountered this.
I go to the file menu and select another project from the Recent Projects list and the opening project box appears but no corresponding window opens. In the Window list shows my first open project ticked and the second project listed but with a dot. When I click on the second project it opens. A third project follows the same pattern.
If I now quit Scrivener and then open it again, I just get the menu ribbon across the top, the project is listed in the Window menu and when I click on it the project opens.
Hope this helps

Thank you for the additional information. As I said, we’ve had a number of reports of this, but haven’t yet been able to track down a cause.

If you run the Console application (from your Applications/Utilities folder) while trying to launch projects, do you get any error messages?


I’ve never used that before so I searched in Finder for Console and it gave me lots of icons but I opened one of my Scrivener project which was shown and immediately got an error message. I was going to copy it as it only gave me the opportunity to send to Apple but the code seemed very long.
As I’m not sure if this is what you want I didn’t but can do later if you need it.

Also, although I got the error message, the project opened properly


I am having very similar problems. Here is a screen shot of console when I try to open a recent project when Scrivener is open.