Safari Extension

Hi all,
I am loving the new Scrivener! I would dearly love a safari extension that I can use while I’m researching. I would like to save as website or PDF and automatically add to an open Scrivener project in the Research folder. Something that works like Evernote would be ideal but just a basic share sheet addition would be fine too. Has anybody made something like this? Anybody want too? :wink:

Have you tried printing from your browser and in the standard macOS print preview dialogue, use the “PDF” button to “Save as PDF to Scrivener”? As you might surmise, that works for everything that can print on your Mac, not just browsers that have custom extensions designed for them.

Ah! I wasn’t going into the print dialogue. I don’t have a printer. This is the functionality I was looking for, just a little hidden. Thanks!

Any thoughts on using the Share Sheet for this in both MacOS and iOS? That’s the expected spot for sharing content to other apps and is cross platform. It would provide a huge boost in productivity for a relatively small change.

I think that’s one of those things we have on the list that would have been nice, but it it ended up on the wrong side of the 3.0 feature freeze. To my knowledge we haven’t looked into what it means, or how it would work, or if can work—so I can’t promise anything, but if it looks feasible, then to my mind it makes sense.

@Buss, I tried googling Quiver and could only find a 3D drawing app. Is this the one you are referring to?

There is a Pop-Clip extension:
And it still works in Scrivener v3 to create a Clipping in the Scrivener project currently open.