Safe to use iOSscriv on IOS 10?

It it safe to use iOSscriv on IOS 10?

I haven’t seen anything specific on this one way or the other on the forum, so thought I’d ask before upgrading my iPad and iPhone to 10.


The only thing we’re aware of at this point is the project export feature crashing on use. So you will be unable to periodically back up your work using that method. One can still of course back up using a computer, this mainly impacts making backups on the go.

Hey Amber, thanks for the reply.

Not being able to export zipped backups would be a big deal for me, so I will hold off on the update.


@JimRac - I’ve been using SiOS on iOS 10 since Beta 3 w/o any problems at all. Was not aware of the project export mentioned in another reply to this thread.

Hi leb85711,

I appreciate you sharing your good experience with 10 SiOS.


I think I will still hold off and wait a bit, as no compelling reason to make the jump yet (beside the admittedly tempting coolness factor!)


This is weird. So, I have two iOS devices: an iPhone and an iPad, both running iOS 10.

On the iPhone, Scrivener exports zip just fine to Dropbox and to my local network drive via File Explorer app. I opened each copy of the project in MacScriv 2.8 sans drama, with no corruption. Back on the iPhone, however, the breadcrumb back to iOScriv leads to a sandboxed Send a Copy page, with no way to any other part of the app. The only way out is to force quit iOScriv and start up again.

On the iPad, however, project export just causes iOScriv to flat-out crash. Actually, it hides; double-clicking the home button brings the app back into view, right where I left off.

The bug itself was in the type of widget used to display the process and share buttons. Since different devices have varying ways of doing this, that could explain why all are not affected equally. Split views might make a difference too, considering a narrow Scrivener on an iPad Pro acts like the iPhone version.

WORKAROUND!!! You rock, Ioa. My iPad Air 2 + iOS Scrivener was exhibiting this bug. Split the screen with Evernote, and voila! No crash!

Sadly, just rotating the iPad to portrait mode doesn’t work.

Oh well – at least there are now two workarounds – split your iPad screen if you can, or write on your iPhone… :wink:

There is a third “workaround”: don’t export until this has been solved. Or do the export from the desktop instead.

For those using the larger iPad Pro: Apparently the screen splitting workaround discussed above for the iOS 10 “export causes Scrivener to crash” issue doesn’t work on that device.

I’ll repost my reply to that user in this thread in case it’s helpful to someone: