Same Project Open in MacOs & IOS - now what?

My desktop’s hard drive failed and while it was in the shop being repaired I worked on a manuscript on my iPad. Then when the desktop was up and running again I opened the same manuscript and worked on it there. At the time I received the warning about having the document open in two place. The warning suggested that I make a copy but I didn’t want a copy on my main computer so just pressed continue and hoped for the best. Now I’m worried about losing text if I ever click on the Scrivener app on my iPad. How do I shut down the document on the iPad without undoing the work I’ve recently done on the desktop?

Use the File → Backup → Backup To command to make a backup of the Mac version. Then close Scrivener and use Finder to move the project out of the Dropbox folder.

With the iPad disconnected from the internet, open iOS Scrivener and move the iPad version of the project to the “On this iPad” section of the project screen. Make a backup, as explained here:

Get the iPad backup on to the Mac by any convenient method, then use the File → Import → Scrivener Project with the Import and Merge option to merge the two versions. Review to make sure everything is where it should be, then (again with Scrivener closed) use Finder to move the result back to the Dropbox folder.

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I’ve been able to complete a few of these steps but not all.

  1. I created the Backup of the Mac version, closed Scrivener and moved the project out of the Dropbox folder. It is now on my desktop.
  2. I think I successfully created a backup of the IOS file and airdropped it to my Mac and put it on the desktop. Here’s where I’m stuck.

I’ve found File>Import>Scrivener Project in the Mac version but don’t see the option to Import and Merge. When I click on the IOS version it gives me the warning signal that I’m working in this project already somewhere and am given the option to Continue or Make a Copy. I don’t know which option to choose if either. Please advise.Thanks.

The Import and Merge option appears after you choose the Import Scrivener Project command. It’s not a separate menu item. See Section 5.3.2 in the manual for more information.

Assuming the iOS backup on the Mac is NOT in the Dropbox folder, then it’s no longer connected to the original on the iOS device and can be safely opened (Continue).

If you’re not using the Import and Merge command, or if it fails to work for whatever reason, the alternative is to open both versions side by side and manually drag and drop as needed.