Same-word highlighting

I’ve used Notepad++ extensively of late. One feature of this (free) editor is that when you select a word, it highlights all other occurrences of the same word in the document.

As I’m one of those writers who suffer from “repeatitis”, i.e. I tend to repeat words and expressions a lot, without being aware of it, a similar feature would be helpful in Scrivener.

Sure, ProWritingAid will catch these, but noticing the issue while I’m writing would be a boon.

The Search command will highlight all instances of the searched-for word.


Ahh, yes, but that is a far cry from what I’m suggesting.

With Notepad++ functionality, duplication is immediately visible.
Using the search method, you’d have to know about recurring use and search word by word. Impractical for what I’m thinking about.

Notepad++ has its roots in being a programmer’s editor (I love it, and use it on every Windows system I am permitted to put it on, and even use it as my default text editor.) As such, as has functionality that is relevant for that setting.

Knowing that you’ve just typed your variable name correctly (and didn’t inadvertently make up a new and exciting one on the spot) is a huge boost for productivity for programming.