Sameone here who knows Novels like the Light Noevel Spice and Wolf

Hi since a long time now (over 2 years) I am always again searching for Novels like spice and Wolf. If sameone know same say me I can not find them.

Here are the points which I am happy about that storys.

  1. there are 2 main Characters which leads you through the story. This characters are looking from 2 very different perspectives. the first one (Holo) is a mystical beeing. In same storys its calles a god butshe is no god. The importent part for what i am searching is that is is an other beeing than human but nothing dangereous like a ghoul or zomby. In this part its a Wolf which can transform into a human like form. But well i can be anything other the importent part is. It should not be clever for it to show other what the mystical beeing it. It should not have many fighting scenes. And the most importent and interesting part. Economics in the middle Age or other Ages should play a central role.

But thats not all. The book is writing throught the way of using conversation between the two characters for Worldbuilding. You get a big inside few off the main character. And its fun to think off how the character in the Books makes shemes of others into prfitable opertunities for himself. And on top of that you end with the feeling of having learned samething about economics.
Other light Novels I enjoined but do not reach the Level of Spice and wolf are Ascendent of the bookworm (good worldbuilding) and How a realist hero rebuild the Kingdom (although that was only a relativly ok book.).

So basicly i am searching for character near Books with economic puzzles in the history with smallfantasy elements.

one example for an economic puzzle is: you know that the amount of Gold in a coin will be lesser in the future and you know that sameone is saying the Gold in the Coin will grow and you even buyed same coins from it. What options do you have to still end with a Profit. While reading the end of the Book you are trying to figure it out in your mind until its solved more or less. And this solving in your mind is the fun of it.

that was all from me. Hopely sameone knows anything god in that direction. (PS: terry Pratched is not what i am searching for Terry Pratched is basicly written from the wrong perspectiv for it)

you have asked a specialized question. I suggest you go to a place where fans of Spice and Wolf or of light novels generally. they might know similar books. Reddit even has a subreddit where you can ask for books similar to other books.

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