Save As Feature?

New to Scrivner and really love it.

I created a project file with a variety of prompts – questions and issues I normally address in any larger writing project – and want to know if there is a “save as” feature that would allow me to keep the project file but change it every time I have a new writing project. I want to keep the original file, but over-write it for every new project.

Perhaps something like this is already possible…?

You may want to look into the “save as template” feature. That allows you to set up a skeleton project, which will then show up as an option when you create a new project. It’ll keep your template file safe from accidental changes, too.

I believe a description of this has made it into the (very long) FAQ entry (in the Tips & Tricks & FAQ forum).

I found I had downloaded an older beta version that did not include the “save as template” feature. With the latest download, and I found it just fine.

Many thanks.

Hi praxishabitus,

Love the organisational idea of habitus. You have understood Aristotle’s notion of hexis. Aquinas, Durkheim, Mauss and Veblen, and then Husserl, Turnbull and Maher - what fantastic company you have chosen to influence you. I love the idea that there is a mental conduit between past experience and future actions. Exactly the praxis of writing.

Oh! and in answer to your question you can just COPY the original and lock the COPY in GEt INFO. Then when you are ready to move onto the next project, just unlock it and copy that one and lock the spare - then repeat ad infinitum.