Save As problem continuation into beer discussion

I find it, TOTALLY, beyond the bounds, of all comprehension, human or alien, that, 'You’, would ever!..Ever!..Ever!, fail to back up anything with beer in it! Giv`us a break! Jeeeezz!

Beer has its own household budget. Of course it has its own back up plan. If I cannot consume enough in a short order time I can always enlist the help of friends to help consume beer and they do it free of charge every time!

Someone always has a copy of BEER lying around. Ask anyone on this forum and I know of least 27 members who would pipe up and admit they too also have a copy of BEER in their house.

Beer gets around a lot ad has for a long time.

Beer is serious business and is its own monetary item!

The word HONEYMOON comes to mind?

A month’s worth of Honey Mead (From New Moon to New Moon) hence the “Honey Moon”


Excuse me I need to make some new revisions to my BEER file. :stuck_out_tongue:

We got de-threaded…

Hows about pouring me another beer there limpy.