SAVE button on top toolbar please

I love this software. One thing that has always surprised me is that this is the only program I have used in probably 20 years that I can think of that does not include the little “3.5-inch floppy SAVE icon” on the toolbar. Please, please add that. :slight_smile:

Scrivener automatically saves the project every time you stop writing for a few seconds, and you can yourself set the inactivity-time that prompt the automatic save.

When you are done, simply wait the few seconds, then close the project. It’s already saved.

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Maybe I am just used to having the ability to do that “on demand” from a toolbar in the programs I have used. Given what you just said, it might not be 100% necessary, but I do still have an attachment to having a save button available. :slight_smile:

I mean, if you really want the comfort, there is File/Save and Ctrl+S. Those are already concessions to the placebo effect that is saving in Scrivener. :slight_smile: Having a button that we contracted our graphic designer to put together would be a bit over the top. Look for a button in OneNote, Evernote, or any system that doesn’t load a single file off of the system into RAM and then waits for you to save it. :slight_smile:

Placebos are often nothing more than comforting. And, yes, I’m one who likes to be comforted while I’m putting my deathless prose down on … well, whatever it is that we are putting it down on. So, yes, a Save button is not necessary but it sure would be nice. There’s no urgency to this from my point of view but it would be comforting to have.

Being a noodler (one with nervous activity while pondering some thought or issue), I frequently seek out to hit the “Save” icon to make sure any work is saved (yes, I should not worry, yet I do). But, I cannot mouse over to a save icon. Yes, I can press Command-S, but as I stare at the screen and look over my work, moving mouse about while I do it, I prefer to stay on the mouse/trackpad and click an icon. All to appease my nervous habit. Thanks!

Cannot find one in the Customize Toolbar group, so just adding a save icon there to select would satisfy me. I would place the save icon at the top left near the Search icon.

Here is a link to another thread on this as well, that has a collection of previous discussions with explanations for why there is not such a button in Scrivener.

As noted elsewhere, by the time you managed to get your mouse over on top of a button and clicked it, your work would already be saved anyway. It would be like having a Save button in Apple Notes.

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Yes. Hmmm, but this nervous old guy sure could use a placebo icon just to calm his nerves.

Again though, it would be extremely unorthodox to put a save button in a program that doesn’t need to be saved. It’s just not good practice to do stuff like that, to add user interface that essentially does nothing. No matter how many times it gets asked for, that’s not going to change, because the main effect of having what amounts to fake buttons would reinforce incorrect notions of how the software works. That could lead to actual problems like thinking you can close without saving and reloading.

So that’s why this has been denied over and over, for years.

If you need a reassuring habit, just keep your eye on the little red dot that you’d use to close the window. Whenever the black dot inside the red dot goes away: you’re safe. :slight_smile: (And for Windows users, the asterisk that appears after the filename in the title bar.)

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Thanks! I was not trying to be a pest, but probably was. It might be good to note the black dot in the red button in the manual (although it might be and I missed it).
After years of Word, PPT, and others freezing and losing work I developed the habit of frequent savings. Since Scrivener has this already then I have my answer and will need to find another action to release nervous energy.
Seriously, Thanks!

Oh don’t stress it! We appreciate all feedback, even if it is something we’ve heard before.

It might be good to note the black dot in the red button in the manual (although it might be and I missed it).

It is mentioned in the introductory comments on how Scrivener handles saving, in §5.1.2, Saving and Making Copies.