Save Error

I really don’t know where to start with this, but I’ve had a truly bizarre save error. Today, I went to open one document in my scrivener file (which has many folders and sub-documents) only to find that all of the information I’d entered was just? Completely gone?

I tried to look through back-up to see if I could restore it that way, but either I messed those up (as they’re basically identical to what I opened today) or something else is going on, because it was missing there, too.

The really weird part is that it’s not an issue of Scrivener simply losing content; a file I added literal weeks after updating the lost document is still there, exactly as I entered it.

I’m using the latest version of Windows 10 as well as the latest Beta Version. I’m not sure what other information you may need, or even if there’s anything to be done. All I know is that I’m rather distraught (I lost between 7 and 8 thousand words) and entirely baffled as to how this happened. Any help or advice is welcomed.

Are you using a cloud service that may have removed local copies of some of the files in your project? Dropbox doesn’t do this, but others do.

I use Dropbox, so I don’t think that’s the case. At this point I’m mostly just worried that it’s time for a new laptop (my PC is running on five years now), but I’m not sure how age (and the accompanying slowness/unfortunately frequent freezes) would cause something like this to happen.

How do you backup? What do you call a backup? Here is a picture of my Scrivener backup for a single project:

I also have a backup on an external drive and another in the cloud, (NOT a sync in dropbox)

Also, what does your scrivener folder look like? I mean if you go to the folders in windows in your file manager, what is really there or gone? Are you saying that hundreds of files and folders were deleted, or that Scrivener isn’t seeing them?