Save icon not in customize toolbar.

I’m trying to put the save icon in the main toolbar, but there’s no apparent way to do it. I see there’s a save icon in the File menu, but it’s not in the customize section of the toolbars. Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

Windows 7 64 bit
Scrivener 1.9.7

You are absolutely right; I find (or don’t find!) the same thing. What an odd item to be left out of possibilities for the toolbar.

Perhaps it was thought to be unnecessary or redundant, because Scrivener will save your work automatically? I believe the default is 2 seconds of inactivity.

Well, if it does save like you say, that’s great. I’m still bit of a noob when it comes to Scrivener, and bitten from previous experience (different software) of not saving my work after 5 laborious hours and then my computer somehow goes ‘poof’. I’ve gotten in the habit of saving every time I take a breather now, yet having the icon in plain sight to use just gives me peace of mind, especially after gathering the research and notes together into one project that Scrivener allows.

If you value your work, please take the time to read the Scrivener manual Chapter 6, section 6.3 Saving and section 6.11 Backing Up.

Saving and Backing up are two very different things. There are some disaster scenarios, for example a hard drive failure, where Saving alone may not save you, but having a current Backup would. Or if some sort of project corruption occurred, having a current Backup would make the difference between possibly spending hours cobbling your project back together from .rtf files vs a simple restore from your zipped Backup.

Here is a post you should read, with advice on how to configure Scrivener backups.

[url]Tips for 100% backup?]