'Save' is scary!

I wonder why there is a ‘Save’ function in Scrivener? The application apparently writes everything to disk in the manner of a database, which is good, so the ‘Save’ only serves to scare users!

Or not :slight_smile: There’s likely a good reason?

Scrivener isn’t a database at all. When you create a new project, you choose a location for it to be saved. You can have as many projects as you want, opening and closing them just as you would a .doc file in Word. Scrivener reopens the last projects you had open by default whenever it is launched, but you can turn that behaviour off. Scrivener’s file extension is .scriv. Scrivener saves files automatically when you make changes, but you can hit “Save” to force a save too. So, other than the fact that it has an auto-save, Scrivener is just like any other program that creates, loads and saves files. Hence Save. Hence Open and Open Recent for that matter. Have you been through the tutorial?

The force save function has a vital roll when the auto-save interval, which can be modified in the general preference pane, is altered to a higher value to accommodate working on slower disks, networks, or just user preference. A common tactic in these situations is to raise the auto-save interval to such a high point that it never triggers automatically, saving bandwidth and reducing lag time in situations where saving will slow down the computer.

Also, some people are just compulsive savers (and perhaps there are more than the usual number of these among writers – second only to programmers). The Save function gives them a psychological lock on the fact that the text they are working on has been saved.

Girl-with-the-lovely-namee [Ioa Petra’ka]:

Thanks, all is well. I jut think that we have here a case of weak HID, that’s all, because the Save function is duplicated somewhere else, and not completely, which compounds the issue.

Please no flames, everyone? It’s just a point of confusion and perplexity.

As I am seeing it, the autosave only functions after a period of inactivity. I get why this needs to be so. From now on, I am hitting the Save button. Compulsively.


How can Save be scary? I would be scared if there wasn’t a Save.

I don’t know of any program that doesn’t have at least one method of saving. Command/s saves. So does clicking on File and then Save. Is that a weak HID? Scrivener has those options in addition to autosaving at a preset interval. As mentioned, you can turn that off if you want. Personally I don’t give it a second thought–I am so used to hitting Command/s that I just do it. So what if my recent edits are already saved.

That would be man-with-the-lovely-name.

I’ll let that one pass. :slight_smile: But I will say that having “Save” in a program that has auto-save should be seen as a good thing, as it means you don’t have to rely on the program making the right decision.

Exactly. Although there’s no need to be compulsive about it because auto-save - at the default two seconds, and which saves on close as well - should mean you don’t have to force a save, but I feel better being able to hit cmd-S occasionally.

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