Save or Back up now icon for toolbar

I did a quick search for this but found no answers. Hope I’m not asking a FAQ!

My wife uses the Windows version of Scrivener (I’m using it on a Mac) and has just asked me about an icon she claims she had on the toolbar which she says was to save, although I suspect I taught her to take a backup. But now there is neither a save icon on her toolbar nor a backup now icon. We went into the section under Tools where you can change the toolbar, but there we found no save icon and only a backup icon, not a backup now.

On my Mac, I have no save icon, so presumably there isn’t one, but I have both backup icon and backup now icon which I can add to the toolbar.

So what’s the answer for my wife? Is there a save icon or a backup now icon?


Hello there,
As a windows user also, the Back up now icon is under tools/customize toolbars/ Main toolbar on my Scrivener. About halfway down the icon list.

There should be both a Back Up Now and a Back Up To option available for the main toolbar, the former just running the auto-backup routine (meaning those backups will be part of the queue Scrivener maintains, saving the x most recent according to the backup settings in Tools > Options) and the latter invoking the manual backup, allowing you to save a permanent backup at a custom location and with a custom name.

If you don’t see both those icons available in the Customize Toolbars window, check Help > About Scrivener. You may have an earlier version that didn’t include both these options, in which case you can run Help > Check for Updates or download the latest version, 1.8, from our website and install that over your current version to get up to date.

Thanks all. I’ll check again, and try installing a new copy if all else fails.

Later: I updated to 1.8 and then the buttons came back. Only had 1.0.3 or something.

Thanks again.