Save Selected to Scraps

I must do this 50 times a day when writing, where I highlight a selected piece of text, cut it into a new doc and then move that text doc to a “Scraps” folder I keep.

I then often review that pile periodically to see if I want to pull anything back to the main manuscript. Eventually it all ends up in Trash when the manuscript is done.

The contextual “Append selection to document” does the first part of this (preserving the text), but requires and existing document and thus doesnt create a separate text doc for each scrap, and doesnt remove it after appending. Some of what this achieves is made possible with Snapshots, though its different. I suppose this could also be automated with a Keyboard Maestro macro, but it seems like a common enough editing flow process to be something core to Scrivener.


Unless I’m misunderstanding the request, the tools for this are already present. After selecting the text, right-click and choose Append Selection to Document > New…. This will open a dialog that uses the initial text of the selection as the default title for the text and allows you to choose the container in which to create the new document. Once you’ve chosen your “Scraps” folder, that will be remembered, so next time around you may not need to do anything here but click OK.

You could also use the macOS system preferences to assign a keyboard shortcut to the main menu item Edit->Append Selection to Document->New… which would make this even faster–select text, press the shortcut, press Return, carry on. Or take it even further with Keyboard Maestro, if you like.

well there you go. not surprised!

here’s implementation in Keyboard Maestro—takes highlighted text to a new file, lets you give it a new name, then deletes the highlighted text.

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