Save Template for Outliner View

Hey there!
I’ve been using Scrivener for years on multiple projects (not just writing). And one of the things that might make it even better, is the ability to save custom views on the Outliner View based on the MetaData that has been selected.
To explain a bit more… I have over 20 different Custom Metadata tags on any given project. In the Outline view, I only use five or six for specific projects. Whenever I need to change a project, I need to go to outliner view, right-click, and remove/add the Custom Metadata that I use in the view. If there were a way to save these views, one would be able to change between information more fluently and easily.
If you could consider this for a future reason that would be incredible!
Thanks for taking the time to read my WishList and if I didn’t make anything clear, please let me know!
Have a great day and stay safe!
Alejandro Olryd

Set the outliner the way you want, then go to Window▸Layouts▸Manage Layouts and save the layout with a useful name. Do the same again, with different columns in the outline view.

Hey! I did not know I could do that and it is very useful… However, it is not what I meant.
I meant specifically regarding the outliner view.
For a specific case, I use Scrivener as a Project Manager Application (and if anyone needs help setting that up I am more than happy to share my workflow). So, in the outliner view I have around 10 columns being shown. However, I have over 50 columns in total of Custom MetaData.
What I was suggesting is for the outliner layout to be stored. So, imagine you have two different types of projects. In one, you need to see the Project Lead and Percentage completed. In the other, these two are not important but you need to see the pending subtasks and the general status of the project.
You would have two saved Layout for the Outliner. One ProjectA, and the other ProjectB. You can change between views by simply selecting the saved template for each outliner.
I hope that makes more sense.
And again, thank you for taking the time to read this. I really do appreciate it.
Regards and stay safe,

See above. I told you how to do it.

You are right… you did.
I am just going to add two extra steps that were not specified that are very important. But you solved my issue! THANKS!!

  1. Create Outliner view as you want it
  2. Go to Windows > Layouts > Manage Layouts
  3. Tick boxes in the option fields for “Save Outliner” and “Preserve metadata appearance”
  4. Save with relevant name
  5. Thank drmajorbob for this!

Have a great day and, again, thank you!