Saved a copy of working file to G and now can't access C

My Scrivener has been working perfectly. No problems. No glitches. Until I copied my working file I to a flash drive so I could move to my laptop. Now, I can’t do anything on my desktop. It tells me the G drive is not available. When I try to Save As, I get the Can’t Access G: Drive, You don’t have permission to save to this location, Contact the Administrator. I change it to the C Drive and it tells me I don’t have permission to save again. I checked the security of the file and everything is checked except Special.

What happened? I didn’t change any settings. I simply clicked Save As and selected G Drive. That’s it.

What now? Please advise ASAP. I have a deadline and it’s looming

Did you do this from within Scrivener, or from within Windows Explorer? If it’s the latter, I have no idea. If the former, I’d assume that Scrivener now expects to find the project on the flash drive, which I presume is G:.

Assuming that you haven’t made any changes to the project elsewhere (on the laptop, or on the flash drive itself), see if it’s still to be found in its former location, using Windows Explorer. If so, navigate to the project.scrivx file and double-click on it to open the project in Scrivener. If it’s no longer in that location, then it must have gotten moved rather than just copied to the flash drive. The simplest way might be (again, assuming that you haven’t made any changes elsewhere) to open the project from the flash drive and re-save it to where you want it on C:, the desktop’s main hard drive.

You might also, for the time being, refrain from using the Open recent projects on program launch option in the General tab (Tools/Options…) as that can make things confusing. Then the only projects that will load in Scrivener are the ones you specifically load using Explorer, and thus you’ll know exactly what disk they are on and so forth.