Saved from Project Formats to My Format but not working on same project

Okay so I figured out how to save my compile settings from my “Project Formats” so that it will show up in “My Formats”

Now here’s the kicker it doesn’t seem to matter. I still have to go in and rebuild the layout to make it work. Which I don’t get. I am in the same project and so everything is still set up just the same the only deference is that I saved a copy of it to the “My Formats.”

So my question is what do I need to do in order for the “My Formats” version to work on the same project that the “Project Formats” works on?

At a guess, you need to reassign section types to section layouts, as that information is not carried in the compile format files. In effect, you are using a new format, so…

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I thought that was what was being carried over. What’s the point in the saved compile formats if I have to rebuild it?

A Project Format is saved within the project and is only available to that project. A My Formats format is available to any Scrivener project on your machine. So choosing My Format version is no different from choosing to use one of the formats that Lit&Lat provides; you would have to do the reassignment if you chose one of them. By the same token, on a different project, using My Formats you might wish to do the assignment differently from this particular project.

That said, I have to say that I always use a My Formats standard set-up and set the final layout details, fonts, sizes, line and paragraph spacing etc. in my word processor… I use RTF as a kind of markup, rather than as final layout.

To me, the only reason for using a Project Format is if that project is going to be shared with a collaborator, but even there, I don’t know if you can use a format created on Mac (I’m a Mac user) on Windows Scrivener.


The Section Layout assignments are not part of the Compile Format. They’re the mechanism for tying the Compile Format to your actual text.

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Yeah, it all seems very confusing. I love the program for writing but the compile part is always a frustrating part. None of it really makes sense. I am glad to know that it is working as designed. I just can’t wrap my brain around why it was designed this way.

Is there a way to transfer section layout assignments from one project to the next? I would like to be able to not recreate the wheel each time I start a new project.

I would have said that the project templates would cover this.

You can set up a project exactly how you want and have the template ready for each time you need it.

Does this not meet your needs?

It’s possible to save Section Types as part of a project template. But the whole point of separating Layouts and Section Types is that you can use a variety of different formats without changing the underlying project.

I’m a bit confused, though. Could you explain what you’re trying to do in a bit more detail?Assigning Section Layouts shouldn’t be a particularly onerous task.