Saved Search Display Problem

Hi All,

I’ve been humming along fine with version 2.0.5–until this morning, when looking through my saved searches and find that they are not displaying correctly. In the “Label” column I’m not getting my custom metadata, but a number instead, and in the “Search Results” column comes up as a blank field, rather than the title of the scene.

Any thoughts?

Could you zip up and send the project to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com? You can make a zipped copy really easily with the File/Back Up/Back Up To... command. Check the size, and if it is over ~20mb let me know in an e-mail and I’ll set up a share for you. Anything you send will be held confidential and deleted once analysed; naturally.

Actually, I think I know the problem. Another user reported this here:

I just took another look at it and finally managed to reproduce it from the project that user sent me. It’s caused by corrupt preferences, basically. I’ve changed the code to prevent it from happening in future (as of 2.1.1), but in the meantime, please do the following:

  1. Make sure you are running Scrivener 2.1, the latest update (if you aren’t running 2.1 then you may need to re-enter your registration details after the following steps).

  2. In the Finder, navigate to the ~/Library/Preferences folder, where the tilde indicates your home folder. Note that if you are on Lion, the ~/Library folder is hidden. To access it on Lion, open the “Go” menu in the Finder and hold down the Option key - this will make the “Library” folder appear in the Go menu list, so that you can select it from there.

  3. Locate the file entitled com.literatureandlatte.scrivener2.plist in the ~/Library/Preferences folder and move it to the Trash.

  4. Re-launch Scrivener and open the project - the search results should now appear fine.

Hope that helps.

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Hello Keith,

I have a similar problem with custom metadata. I have successfully created custom metadata for the outliner for this project some time ago. Today I tried to add another column. I was able to edit the custom metadata and added another column with its name and then closed the edit window. However, this new column does not show in my list. There is just the last unused column on display with nothing in the header part of the table. I closed Scriv, read this post, junked the recommended preferences file and relaunched. However it still refuses to display the column. I have re-opened the custom metadata window and the added column is clearly shown, also it is shown in the inspector in the custom metadata window, but still does not show in my outliner column view.

Any ideas.
Best Regards

Okay, false alarm.

Stupid of me. My apologies. I forgot the little >> symbol at the top of the outliner window. I clicked on it out of interest and there was my new column, unticked. So I ticked it and it appeared! Duh. I read through the Scriv 2.1 manual and could not find a reference for these ticked items in the section on Custom Metadata, but it’s all there in the Outliner section. Also right click in the column header as well. Duh.

Grovelling apologies again

Glad you got it sorted! Out of interest, where in the manual did you look? There’s a mention under the section on the outliner (12.2) but we probably need to cross-reference that with the section on custom meta-data.


Hi Keith,

I first went to section 10.1.6 Custom Metadata and followed the instructions. However, there’s no mention of clicking on the >> at the top of the Outliner page to switch on/enable the column you just created. This is what confused me as I seemed to be doing exactly what was described in section 10.1.6. I didn’t realise there was another level of ‘activation’ required to get the new column to display.

The actual description in my pdf copy of the Scriv manual v2.1 for Section 12.2.1 contains 3 lines of gobbledegook. I have tried to paste this into this replay but I get an SQL message error and the thing will not allow me to submit it. I can send you a screen grab of my pdf copy of that part of the page but I have no idea how to append this to a posted reply.

This bit of (code) gobbledegook threw me off totally. I am using the "Preview’ app in OSX to view the manual. Maybe some option for it is switched on/off, I don’t know. The in line gobbledegook is in blue text and a sans serif font. This is the critical part that describes what is required to switch on the new columns.

Thanks for the reply Keith.
Best Regards

Hi Steve,

I just noticed this myself while checking it out after your comments:

I’ve brought it to Ioa’s attention so he can fix it for the next update.


All the best,

That’s great. At least my post actually did find a bug, even though it was only in the manual!

Thanks for the great support. I will give you and Scrivener an acknowledgement in my book when it gets published. It has been invaluable in keeping my projects together and organised. It is the only writer’s tool that I have ever really enjoyed using.


Thank you!
All the best,