Saving Bug - Underlines Extend to Whole Line

I recently noticed a bug when saving my Scrivener project. This bug exists in the .22 release of Scrivener. I am writing a chapter breakdown in a text file in the Research section of my project. For each chapter, I use formatting like this:

Chapter 1: Yadda yadda yadda.
Another paragraph of yadda.

When I save my project, close it, and open it again, I get this formatting:

Chapter 1: Yadda yadda yadda.
Another paragraph of yadda.

The entire line beginning with underlined text ends up underlined.

Also, if I remove the underlines from the entire line, save, close and open my project, the underlines come back across the entire line.

I can get this too–affecting the entire paragraph that started with the underlined words. Interestingly I notice that when you open and the underlining has affected the whole line, if you remove the underline and allow the project to auto-save (or manually save, it’s all the same), it looks fine in Scrivener. You can even add some more text and it appears all right. But if you open the .scriv folder and navigate to the .rtf file in Files\Docs and open it in another program (WordPad, in my case), all the text is there–but it’s all underlined. So it’s only superficially removed in Scrivener.

In fact, if you click around a bit in the binder and work in other documents, you can sometimes return to the first document and see that the underlining is visible again. This pattern seems to work:

  1. Remove the unwanted underlining in DocA
  2. Click on DocB and type in the editor
  3. Click on DocC
  4. Click on DocA. Underlining is back.

This is working with a fresh project on 022 Win7 Pro 64bit.

At a guess, it’s probably the same bug as causes the viral highlighting, reported here (and elsewhere, but I think that’s the most complete thread). It’s still an issue in 022 and exhibits the same symptoms as reported above with the underlined text–highlighting is still present in the .rtf even when not displayed in Scrivener.