Saving different versions of your project

I have searched the manual and videos and it’s like searching for a needle in a haystack, really. I can not find how to save various versions of my manuscript.

Please help! Tutu

Hi Tutu,

This thread raised a similar question, and various options were suggested to the poster:
Project version history – another hierarchy for snapshots If none of the suggestions in the thread work for you, then provide some detail on what it is you’re trying to accomplish and someone will come along with targeted suggestions. :smiley:


If what you were expecting/looking for was just something like a Save As… function on the File menu (like to make a kind of manual safety copy before making major changes), then the answer is just to i) close the project and then ii) in the Finder find and Duplicate the Project file and iii) rename it something sensible.

(Whether this is the best way to accomplish whatever your aim is is, of course, a separate matter.)


sorry too complicated. I don’t understand Snapshots, hierarchy, yikes!

yes, I think that’s exactly what I needed. I’ll save iterations of the manuscript this way. Thanks!