Saving error

I’ve searched for a topic on this several times, but either there isn’t one (unlikely, I imagine) or my search terms are inadequate (probable). So, even a direction to another post would be great.

I have an issue with Scrivener often. I’ll be typing away and out of the blue, a pause in typing will cause a saving error. It says it can’t. If I don’t hit enter fast enough, I’ll get another box further informing me that nothing is being saved. It usually is, actually, for what that’s worth.

But once in a while (and today is one of those times) it does it for hours. So I literally am on “write or die” mode the entire time or I have to hit a bunch of enters to be able to continue. I always copy and paste into Word at that point–just in case.

Is there ANYTHING I can do to stop this. Here is a screen shot of the error(s).

both boxes say the same thing.

And it worked. I knew it would. The minute I asked for help, the error stopped… for now.

Here’s a thread on the topic that may help.