Saving Presets

I am having 2 problems which I suspect are caused by me being new to using this software.

I have created a new preset based on Original it is called Personal History. When I make changes to Personal History for the formatting level using by clicking Title and press option then save it dose not save.

When I select Personal History for the format of my project it will not stick and I have to select it each time. I have tried to save the project but no success.

What am I missing??


If you make changes to the compile settings and then save them by holding option (to turn the compile button into a save button), what this is actually doing is saving those settings temporarily as ‘custom’ settings. In fact if you select a preset and make any change, the ‘format as’ field will immediately change to ‘custom’.

To actually save your settings as a preset, click on the format as field and go right to the bottom, to ‘manage compile format presets…’. This will open a window with a bunch of prebuilt presets (I’ve attached a screenshot). There are both ‘project presets’ and ‘global presets’. I suppose if you save something as a global preset then it will be available for other projects whereas project presets aren’t preserved or available in other project. But I haven’t exactly tried this.

What you want to do is either highlight the preset you want to update, and then hit the update button, or create a new preset by clicking the + button. If the preset you highlight to update is a prebuilt one, then I think it won’t allow you to modify it and the update button is greyed out. So what you can do instead is select a preset, make changes to the settings as needs be, and then add a new preset and call it something that indicates that it is built on whichever one you started off with.


It makes sense to me know.



I was having the same problem, until I read your post. Now all of the changes I make are being updated - yeah!

But when I finally do a compile with my new “format” it looks nothing like the presets that I set up.
What am I doing wrong?

cyberdyke, I notice your platform tag states “Windows”, but you’re in the Mac section of the forum. Are you using the Mac version as well? If not I’ll move your post over to the Windows section.

To answer broadly, it’s hard to say precisely what is going wrong with the settings without knowing what settings you’ve made, and what you are expecting. There are a lot of factors involved. Could you provide a specific example, such as having set the text override font to Times New Roman, but when you compile it comes out with whatever font you used in the editor while writing?


Yes I’m using Snow Leopard on my hackintosh (dell laptop running mac OS).


  1. Open Compile
    1a. Verify you are on Custom
  2. Click on Format
  3. Click on Manage Compile Format Preset
  4. Click ‘+’
  5. Create ‘my format’
  6. Click OK
  7. Click All Options\Formatting
  8. Click top page level (Not folder)
    8a. Verify that Override text and formatting is checked
  9. Verify “text” and “title” are chcked
  10. Highlight text in bottom of window
  11. Click on text icon
  12. Change Text to Time New Roman
  13. Exit text window
  14. Return to Contents
  15. Select one chapter/section of MS
  16. Verify that RTF is selected
  17. Click Compile
  18. Open OpenOffice
  19. Open compiled file in OO
  20. ERROR - Text is Helvetica

If I repeat this process and go back into Manage and do an update to my preset I get the same result.
If I repeat this process, before hitting Compile I hit Option and Click Save, I get the same result.
If I shut down Scrivener and follow all the steps again - same result.
If I reboot my computer after closing down Scrivener and try the steps again I get the same results.

Please tell me what I’m doing wrong.