Saving project in multiple locations failure

I am just getting started using Scrivener for Windows 11, with the latest update I have gone through the tutorial.

I am sure I am missing something, so maybe someone can point out my error.

I am paranoid and want to save my work in 3 different places. I chose all 3 places and saved my work successfully. I looked for a method of auto saving work to all 3 places at once, but did not find any such animal (a useful tool I would think for a writer).

When I tried to save my work the next day, the regular save function successfully saved the work. The I went to save as… to save to the other 2 places and I got this error notice:

Could Not Save Project Scrivener does not allow saving to a project’s .scriv Folder.
And when I tried to return to my original save location, I got the same message.

This has me confused. Do I have to delete the previous days work in order to save it to a different location? Does the program not allow a project to be overwritten? Obviously I am missing something.

Thanks in advance for any help with this issue.

Hi Rangerwood. :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum.

I’ll be blunt: you are seriously looking for trouble…

Save as is anything but intended to be used like that.
You are creating duplicates of your project. It is only a matter of time that you’ll accidently overwrite your work.
I advise that you refrain from doing so immediately.

The function you are looking for is automatic backups.
It does only one backup in one location, but you can then (as I do) backup your backup in as many places as you wish.

Refer to the manual, section B.9 . (Page 699)


Thank You. I will start using the backup function. This does make sense.

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Don’t hesitate if you have any questions.

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Thanks again. I am setting up the backup function now.

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Here is a post explaining how I go about making sure my projects are safe:

P.S. I almost qualify as paranoid about it.

I would also add to your tool chest the File ▸ Back Up ▸ Back Up To... menu command, which is basically like “Save a Copy As…” that is featured in some programs. The idea there is that you stay in one central copy of your project but can create satellite copies for backup (whereas Save As jumps you around from one place to the next and can cause confusion as a result). Where it goes a bit beyond the standard is a built-in zip compression tool and automatic date stamps. Both of these are going to be useful for keeping your backups just that, and not confused with your main project. It’s impossible to open a zipped project directly, so you have to take deliberate action to decompress it and open it.

That can (and should in my opinion) be used on top of the automatic backup feature, as it’s a great way of setting apart “human made” milestones from “machine made”, and lets you target locations like cloud backup or external drives.


Thanks. I am setting mine up similarly


Thanks, with the addition of Back Up To… This completes the picture and is exactly what I was trying to do to begin with. Thanks for the help.


Your issue was that a Scrivener Project is not a File, but a Folder containing several interconnected files. You cannot save your Project in its own folder. Outside that folder it’s no problem at all, apart from getting confused which Project is the one you want to work in.