Saving project to use on multiple computers

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I am trying to save my project to flash drive, or to email myself so that I can work on my project at work, as well as on my laptop. (yeah, not really supposed to write at work, but tough nuggies).
I have tried attaching the backup files as both zip and non-zip files.
What is the proper procedure?

Thanks so much!

also I downloaded dropbox, but when I can’t figure out how to save to it. Anytime I back up the files, then try to open it, it says that the project is not compatible with this version of scrivener? help!

I am also using two different machines. On each it’s just a case of copying the whole folder project from laptop>>flash>>PC and vice versa always renaming the previous version so I always have at least one backup in each of the three locations (can’t be too careful!).

I also do file backup to desktops, and a compile…

Thanks altocumulus! That worked great! :smiley:

I also took the Scrivener guru’s advice and downloaded Dropbox. I think it ought t be pretty handy, and if there is a major catastrophe, my work will be safe.

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If you use the Backup feature, you can choose the flash drive as the location for the project folder.
Using Backup time/date stamps the file, so you always know which is the most recent project folder.

You have the choice to make a Zip, but you do not have to.

You the copy Backup project folder to the other computer and then open the project. Always copy the whole project folder.

It is not advisable to use the Flash drive as an active repository while using Scrivener. It can be done but it is riskier than copying the project onto the other computer.

Following the same procedure for each machine will ensure a group of time/dated stamped projects on the flash drive and each computer. You can delete the older files as you see fit.

If you just copy the project folder, the time/date stamp is less obvious and not part of the project name.

I have a desktop, laptop, and a netbook. I can safely move between them in this way.

One of the forum moderators advised using Backup in this way.

Make sure you are allowing Dropbox to completely finish. There should be no activity indicated in your system tray. It’s a good idea to pin the db status icon to the tray so you can always see it. If you just save your project to a Dropbox folder and then sleep your computer or shut down immediately, only part of it will be uploaded, and naturally that won’t work very well on the second computer.

I suggest Syncplicity instead of Dropbox: More free space and much more flexible with regard to folders.


One thing you could try is to actually use the flash drive as the permanent home of your .scriv file rather than emailing it back and forth. I actually have the whole of the Scrivener programme and project files on a single flash drive, so I can just plug it into any PC with a USB slot and continue as if it was my own machine.

This technique is also now much safer, as Scrivener will automatically make backups of the project on each computer, not the thumb drive which is itself easy to lose or run through the laundry by accident.

Hello all,

I noticed that there is a general settings directory / file here (at least on vista):


I would like to store this in my dropbox folder too. I couldn’t find anywhere in the application where you can change this path. Does anyone know how to do this?

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You might want to check Dropbox documentation for symbolic linking. They might have something to say on the matter for Windows. On UNIX based machines, you can create a symbolic link (kind of like a Shortcut, but different and much more simple) to something like this, linking it to Dropbox. It’s a way to sync stuff outside of the DB folder area. Maybe there is something similar for Windows.

@AmberV: Thank you for the suggestion, although I was hoping for something a little easier. This seems like something that should be an install / configuration option… maybe in a future release.

However, AmberV’s suggestion did work great. If anyone else needs to do this, here is the command I used (from the command line obviously - run / cmd ):

C:\Users\Administrator>mklink /D C:\Users\Administrator\Dropbox.scriv C:\Users\Administrator.scriv

Thank you for the help.


That’s a difficult one to do. :slight_smile: The main reason programs don’t let you store your preference file wherever you want is because then you need a preference file that states where the preference file is. :slight_smile: