Saving quick reference windows with layouts

Hi i’m trying to set up a workstation where i can see multiple quick reference windows at once alongside the main scrivener window. I want to make this workstation/view easily accessible for most of my projects when I open a scrivener template or hit one keyboard shortcut.

I thought that templates or layouts would allow for this, but neither of them seem to save the quick reference windows that are open. Is there any way to save the quick reference windows?

Thanks, Dan

I’m guesssing that this isn’t possible? Anybody have input?

Sorry, there is nothing along those lines. Layouts are generic instructions for laying out the project window, they do not include any instructions that are project-specific, and there is very little about a Quick Reference panel that isn’t.

You might on the other hand be interested in the Reopen QuickReference panels when opening projects option, in the General preference pane. That of course doesn’t do anything for swapping between sets of panels, but at least you won’t lose what you were working on with every session.