Saving Scrivener and files to a new computer?

I’m switching computers entirely. Is there any way save Scrivener files and software online and then transfer to a new computer? I’m worried about losing all my files and would like to not buy the software again if possible.

I’m thinking of using Dropbox.

Yes, just locate the .scriv folder of each of your projects and copy or move that folder to dropbox. I suggest for ease of use, you just install the dropbox software on your computers, rather than trying to use the web browser for this purpose.

You can re-download the program from this website, and then when you install it and run it for the first time on your new computer, just input the license key. If you can’t find that key, contact their support email.

Rdale’s advice is good. You could also transfer to the projects to a USB stick or other removable media.

I would just recommend making sure everything works on the new computer before you dispose of the old one.